Supporting local Houston area youth with immune system disorders between the ages of 18-35


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Supporting our local caregivers and honoring them for their continued efforts.

To be a source of strength for families and individuals suffering with a rare autoimmune deficiency/unknown illnesses. An organization leading with love to provide resources, financial assistance and social support to patients/caregivers. Love Always Wins!


In 2014, Imagine being 21 years old and your whole life changes suddenly. You do not know what is happening with your body, you just know you start walking differently and within a few months you can no longer walk any longer. You loose the ability to control your fine motor skills and can no longer take care of yourself. Within months, then a year and now 2 years, I, Marvee French, went from being perfectly healthy and a vibrate young lady to battling an auto immune deficiency/unknown illness that left me struggling to walk, talk, extreme anxiety, loss of usage of my hands and all other body functionality. My family has me under the best healthcare and rehabilitation services, but I have a long road ahead of me and I determined not to give up. I am determined to fight and to help other young people between the age of 18 - 30 years of age who are diagnosed with a rare auto immune diseases/deficiencies. This is the beginning for me to publicly speak about what I am going through daily in this journey, but I want my life to help others. You will see my good days and my bad days. You will see those who support me and others I continue to meet in this journey. Like my mom says to me, ``Love Always Win!`` This is a movement to show love, express love and share love to others. This is a Moving Forward Movement of Love! With Love, I want to lift others because love is what continues to carry me through!


Marvee’s story changed on Tuesday, October 16, 2018, when she passed. Her Celebration of Life service was held on Wednesday October 24, 2018. At this service, we learned that Marvee’ was no longer in the box, but now free. We are now living in her legacy spreading her message to the world about Loving and Living through any situation life may bring. No need to become bitter, sad, disgusted and busted, but to find ways to continue to love yourself and others through it. Love Always Wins! #LivingInHerLegacy #TeamMarvee #LoveAlwaysWins