Supporting local Houston area youth with immune system disorders between the ages of 18-35


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The Marvee French Foundation is a local Houston based organization providing support & resources to patients & caregivers. Our mission is to be a source of strength for families and individuals suffering with a rare autoimmune deficiency/unknown illnesses. An organization leading with love to provide resources, financial assistance and social support.

Love Always Wins

Welcome to Love Always Wins, a Marvee’ French Foundation, an organization supporting patients ages (18-30) with rare autoimmune disorders/unknown illnesses. This organization was founded on the hills of a young lady name, Marvee French, who was diagnosed with an unknown illness at the age of 21. Instead of giving up on life, she decided she was going to fight with Love! Marvee’ made the sole decision to Spread Love, Share Love and Showing Love to others! Her strength has propelled many to know that even in their sickness, even when things get tough, when their back is up against the wall – Marvee has taught many that Love Always Wins!







    In 2014, imagine being 21 years old and your whole life changes suddenly. You do not know what is happening with your body, you just know you start walking differently and within a few months you can no longer walk at all. You lose the ability to control your fine motor skills and can not even take care of yourself anymore. Within months, a year, now 2 years and even 4 years has passed, my illness still is not diagnosed. I went from being perfectly healthy and a vibrate young lady to battling an auto immune deficiency/unknown illness that left me struggling to walk, talk, extreme anxiety, loss of usage of my hands and all other body functionality. My family has me under the best healthcare and rehabilitation services, but I have a long road ahead of me and I’m determined not to give up. I have decided to fight and to help other young people between the age of 18 – 30 years of age who also are diagnosed with a rare autoimmune diseases/deficiency.

    This is the beginning for me to publicly speak about what I am going through daily in this journey, but I want my life to help others. You will see my good days and my bad days. You will see those who support me and others I continue to meet in this journey. Like my mom says to me, “Love Always Win!” This is a movement to show love, express love and share love to others. This movement I call “A Moving Forward Movement” of Love! With Love, I want to lift others because love is what continues to carry me through!

    -Spoken by Marvee’


    Three Sisters
    We are three sisters
    Three sisters we are
    And three sisters we will forever be
    I love each of you
    And have no doubt that you love me.

    We’re always together,
    Nothing in life nor death will keep us apart,
    We can never be separated,

    Now I know we’ve had troubles,
    But God always got us through,
    We’re forever in each other’s heart.

    The real message Mom taught us is to Love, Love, Love
    And I know you loved me
    And how I also love you!

    We had lots of good times
    That we’ll never forget
    No more worry
    And you do not have to fret.

    But if God ever gave me
    Something special, you see,
    It might have been the blessing of
    Two sisters, but three sisters we will always be!

    The Lord above has you in His arms,
    You left us happiness, your smile, your laughter and memories of glee,
    All three.
    Love Your BIG and Little Sister,
    Brenee’ and Gianne’


    The Life & Legacy of Marvee`

    We lost a special angel when God called Marvee` “Babygirl” French home. Marvee` Tasha` French was born August 25, 1993 to Marvin French and Mary Harris. Marvee` grew up in the Houston and Fresno, Texas area where she attended Lake Olympia Middle School and graduated in 2013 from Elkins High School. After high school, Marvee` spent her summer employed as an IT Tech for the Houston Public Library. She went on to attend Blinn College in Brenham, Texas where she focused her studies in Nursing. College was a little too slow for her, so she chose to go to Job Corp in San Marcos, Texas. Marvee` was 30 hours away from completing her CNA Certification from Job Corp and was 2 months shy of enlisting into the US Army. Unfortunately, due to an “Unknown” illness, Marvee` was never able to fulfill her dreams.

    Marvee` Tasha` confessed her faith as a small child at Pleasant Grove Church under the leadership of Pastor C.L. & Sheldon Jackson, where she sung with the Little Folks Choir. As a teenager she was guided by faith at Silverlake Church under the leadership of Pastor Reginald Devaughn Sr. and Youth Pastor Paul Jackson. While at Silverlake Church she was apart of the Chosen Generation Choir. As a Young Adult at the age of 20 home from college on a visit, she decided to join The Lighthouse Church under the leadership of Pastor Keion Henderson. When she could no longer physically attend church, she would watch via livestream whether home or her hospital room.

    Anyone that knows Marvee`, knows that she was a true Kirk Franklin fan to her heart. The melodies of his songs were soothing in her time of sickness and frustration. It was her biggest dream to meet him one day! Marvee` had great love for her favorite TV Shows, “Meet the Browns” & “Martin”. Marvee` peaceful pleasure was to gather with her family, go to the beach, have a picnic and listen to the ocean. #Mermaids4Life

    In 2016, Marvee` made the decision to share her story and established the organization “Love Always Win Inc.” This organization is known as the Marvee` French Foundation – Moving Forward Movement. With this organization, she was able to touch so many lives and turn her pain into purpose; by giving love, showing love and sharing love with others.

    Her Joyous laughter and smile will be truly missed…….


    You are a wonderful blessing,
    A true treasure from above.
    You’re laughter, warmth and special charm,
    You are beautiful black beauty filled with so much love.
    You brought a special joy every time you smiled.
    And as you grew to adulthood,
    You filled my heart with so much pride.
    After years had passed,
    Life changed it course,
    But through it all it made me love you more and more
    Through every stage, through every age,
    I loved you, I loved you, I loved you!
    No words can describe how I am missing you already my ‘babygirl’,
    But you are resting in the arms of God,
    You are safe in His Arms!
    Rest babygirl, my babybird, be at peace
    Until I get there!

    “I Love You A Bushel And A Peck And A Hug Around The Neck!”

    Your Mommie